Baldur's Gate 2 Wiki

  • Animal Trouble in Trademeet


Trademeet; 108000 ex., 200 gold, Leadership of Druid Grove (Hero must be a druid)

  • Flydian near the City Gates in Athkatla, will ask your party to help Trademeet with its animal problems.
  • Go to Trademeet and speak to Lord Logan Coprith in the mayor's house. He will tell you more about the animal problem and will ask for your help.
  • Enter the basement of the house and speak to Cernd. He will tell you what he knows and will offer to join your party.
  • Leave town and journey to the Druid Grove.
  • Head north and you will be confronted by a druid named Pauden. He will tell you that a shadow druid named Faldorn has taken over the grove.
  • Make your way through the area to the northwest corner where you will be attacked by Dalok. Defeat him and enter the grove.
  • Approach Faldorn and if you have a druid in your party, you can challenge her. Your druid and Faldorn will fight each other one-to-one without any of your equipment. Use your magic to gain an advantage over the shadow druid.
  • Once Faldorn has been defeated, you can take over the leadership of the grove if you are a level 14 druid. Otherwise, Verthan will assume leadership.
  • Return to Logan Coprith in Trademeet for a 2000 gold reward. He will also ask for your assistance in dealing with the gennies in town.