Baldur's Gate 2 Wiki

  • Dealing with the Trademeet Genies

Trademeet; 161500 ex., 17750 gold, gems and jewellery, Scimitar +2, Rashad's Talon

  • After you solve the animal trouble in Trademeet, Logan Coprith will ask your help in dealing with their genie problem.
  • Speak to Guildmistriss Busya in the Mayor's house in Trademeet. She will ask you to speak with the Dao just outside the city and either meet their demands or destroy them.
  • Enter the Dao tent in the southeast corner of the area and speak to Khan Zahraa. Either kill him or agree to hunt this rakshasa for him.
  • If you agree to help him, go to the northeast corner of the area, just outside the town gates and speak to Itona, a shadow thief. She believes that the rakshasa has killed Adratha, the potion seller by the Druid Grove, and taken her form.
  • Leave town and go to the Druid Grove area. Enter Adratha's cottage in the northeast corner of the area. Defeat Ihtafeer and take her head.
  • Return to Trademeet and give the head to Khan Zahraa. He will reward you with his sword and he and the other genies will leave as they promised.
  • Report your success to Guildmistress Busya and Lord Logan Copirth for a substantial reward.